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Elder care
Elder care

Erika Strickhouser, owner of Avail Personal In Home Care Services LLC, has been providing personal care for over 20 years. She makes sure every personal aid is fully trained and ready to help you. Erika's daughter is also trained in personal care and works with her mother, making sure you get the personal care services you need.

We're a small family-owned and operated business with our roots in Dover. Owner Erika has lived in the area all her life and has over 20 years' experience in personal care.

Family owned

We'll be happy to meet with you to discuss your personal care needs. We offer light housekeeping duties, personal non-medical care and transportation and errand running services. Let's discuss how we can help you!

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Our trained staff members are ready to help you today, during the day or at night. We do this because we care and we love helping people. Even if you're not one of our clients, call us and we'll sign you up when we get there!

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I would like to introduce myself. My name is Erika Strickhouser I have lived in the York area all my life. I have been married for 24 years and have two daughters. I have always worked in some form of the caring field. I have worked for Hospice and I have also worked at a local ER for years. My family took care of close elderly friends of ours until their deaths, that was the reason I didn’t start this home care dream earlier. I understand the need for home care I have lived it for years personally.

Let me introduce you to my daughter Lindsey Strickhouser she has also lived in York all her life. Since she was young she would help take care of our friends and loved it. She always seemed to know what to do. She would volunteer her time with the Alzheimer’s patients at the nursing home after school. Now she works with individuals who need assistance in their own homes who otherwise could not stay there. She is a self-sufficient young lady who is compassionate for every family she meets. She treats everyone special and goes above and beyond what is necessary.

I have hired caregivers from all over York County. They are all coming from different backgrounds and experience. The caregivers are ready to assist our clients and families wherever they can. They are compassionate, responsible, caring invisible’s looking to help.

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